Effective Date: June 25, 2024

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GoSubia Booking is a platform by Subia Interactive, a vendor of white-labeled software licensed from TOUCH ME SOFT d.o.o. (Belgrade, Serbia). By using GoSubia Booking, you agree to these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.

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For details on data processing, see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

  • Agreement: This contract, including Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and any supplemental license terms.
  • Client: A person or business using GoSubia Booking.
  • Client Account: Your account for accessing and using GoSubia Booking.
  • Customer: Someone who books appointments or purchases services through a Client Page.
  • Dashboard: The user environment for Clients (Super Admin, Managers, and Employees).
  • Employee: Someone working for a Client, registered on GoSubia Booking by the Super Admin.
  • Fixed Plan: The single subscription plan offered by Subia Interactive.
  • Party/Parties: Subia Interactive and/or Client/Customer.
  • Platform/GoSubia Booking: Software used by Clients to provide booking/scheduling services.
  • Privacy Policy: Policy explaining how we collect, share, and use your personal data (available on our website).
  • Service: Making GoSubia Booking available to Clients and Customers (including updates, upgrades, etc.).
  • Subia Interactive/We/Us: Subia Interactive (Norcross, GA), acting as a software vendor for TOUCH ME SOFT d.o.o. (Belgrade, Serbia).
  • Super Administrator/Super Admin: The administrator with full access to GoSubia Booking functionalities.
  • Term of Agreement: The period during which this Agreement is in effect.
  • Terms of Use (TOU): These rules governing the use of GoSubia Booking.
  • Website: Subia Interactive’s website (www.subiainteractive.com).

Only those with full legal capacity can use the Service.



You (Client/Customer) are bound by this Agreement when you:

  • Access or use the Platform.
  • Register for a Client Account.

We may revise these Terms of Use at any time. Please review them periodically on the website. Changes take effect upon posting or at least 10 days after email notification. Continued use after changes constitutes acceptance. If you disagree with the amended terms, stop using GoSubia Booking immediately.


By accepting these TOU, you agree to electronic communications. Visiting the website or sending emails to us constitutes electronic communications. You agree to receive electronic communications and acknowledge that all agreements, notices, and disclosures satisfy any legal requirements for written communication.


Unless otherwise stated, the Service, GoSubia Booking, and all Content (source code, website, images, design, databases, logos, etc.) are protected by Subia Interactive’s and/or TMS’s Intellectual Property Rights.

Clients and Customers only have the rights specified in Section 7 (Authorization to Use). You may not acquire any other Intellectual Property Rights under this Agreement. GoSubia Booking is provided on a limited-access basis, and no ownership right is transferred.

Unauthorized use of Content is a violation of Intellectual Property Rights. We will take all legal remedies to protect our rights upon acknowledgment of any unauthorized use.

Copying or downloading Content (in part or whole) is only permitted with our written consent.

  1. Authorization to Use
  • Customers:
    You are granted a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable authorization to access and use the Service for your personal purposes according to the Agreement and website/platform instructions.
  • Clients:
    In consideration of your acceptance of the Agreement and payment of applicable fees (if using the Fixed Plan), you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable (or restrictedly-transferable), revocable authorization to access and use the Service solely for your internal business purposes according to the Agreement and website/platform instructions.
    Client Access Authorization:
    • Super Admin:
      Has the right to use the Service according to the Agreement and chosen Fixed Plan, and to provide limited access rights to Employees with login enabled by the Super Admin on the Dashboard.
    • Employee:
      Has the right to log in to the Client’s Dashboard and use the Client Account according to the Agreement, chosen Fixed Plan, and the scope of rights granted by the Super Admin (including access and use of Calendar and Appointments functionalities).
  1. Subscription

By creating a Client Account with GoSubia Booking, you subscribe to the Fixed Plan with corresponding fees applying immediately. Fixed Plans are charged monthly or annually, as chosen during subscription.

Changes in Prices

Prices on the Pricing page are subject to change. Any price change becomes binding on you 7 days after receiving written notice from Subia Interactive via email or posted on the Website.

  1. Payment

Anyone who subscribes to the Service or permits another to subscribe on their behalf is liable for payments under the Fixed Plan. The Service fee must be paid before the Subscription Term begins.

Recurring Payments:

If the Fixed Plan includes recurring fees, you must notify Subia Interactive before payment if you wish to cancel or not automatically renew the subscription. Otherwise, the subscription will continue automatically, and you authorize Subia Interactive (without notice, unless required by law) to collect applicable fees and taxes using your previously provided payment instrument.

You agree to pay all fees in accordance with the Terms of Use (TOU).

All payments to Subia Interactive must be made in full without deductions for currency conversion, wire transfer, remittance, applicable taxes, or other charges. Service fees exclude VAT or other taxes and public duties unless explicitly stated by Subia Interactive. You are responsible for all public duties related to purchasing the Service.

Billing Data:

You are obligated to keep all billing data complete and accurate (including billing address, credit card number, and expiration date) and promptly notify Subia Interactive of any changes in payment methods or potential security breaches. If you fail to provide this information, Subia Interactive may continue charging for any service use unless you terminate the Agreement according to its terms.

Declined Payment:

If your default payment instrument is declined, access to the Fixed Plan may be denied immediately.

No Refunds:

Service fees are non-refundable. If the Agreement or Fixed Plan is terminated or varied within a billing period, you are not entitled to a refund for that period. Future billing period payments will not be refunded unless both parties explicitly agree otherwise.

You understand that you are not entitled to a refund if you stop using the Service. If you don’t use the Service, please cancel the Fixed Plan subscription or terminate GoSubia Booking use completely.

Customer Payments:

Payments made by Customers for Client’s services ordered via the Client Page are handled by a third-party payment gateway (e.g., PayPal or Stripe). Subia Interactive has no responsibility or commission for processing Customer payments and is not liable for any related matters. Additionally, Subia Interactive is not liable for the accuracy of prices offered by Clients to Customers, and such prices may be changed at the Client’s sole discretion.


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